Super-simple conference speaker flight booking.

You organize your event and invite speakers. SpeakerTravel's self-service booking system gets them there, within budget and without hassle.

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Here's how it works

Event organizer invites traveller

After setting up your event as an organizer, you can immediately start inviting travellers.

Each traveller can be assigned a budget and allowed booking class. Travellers will not see this budget, however their flight search will be adjusted to fit within.

Each traveller will get an invitation e-mail to start their journey. E-mails can be customized by the organizer.

Traveller finds preferred flight

Travellers get access to our flight search engine and start their search by entering their home airport. The destination airport and preferred travel dates are pre-populated based on your event data.

Our search offers a wide choice of airlines and routes. Travellers can filter specific travel search criteria (number of stops, alliance, airline, time of day) and find their preferred flight. All within the budget and booking class assigned by the organizer to help optimize T&E cost.

Once the perfect flight has been found, travellers enter their passenger details and request booking approval.

Organizer approves trip

As an organizer, you get notified of a pending travel approval. Head to your event dashboard and review the selected flight, passenger details and price information.

After approving the selected flight, SpeakerTravel makes the booking and sends ticket information to your traveller. We include calendar details, booking information and the full itinerary. A good start for a pleasant trip to your event!

Once all travellers have been booked, we provide an invoice so you can update your organization's administration.

Simplify your conference speaker flight booking.

What's the story?

You plan on inviting speakers and covering their flight fare...

As an organizer, you reach out to travellers and capture their preferred departure airport and travel dates. You search for flights and offer them the choice between two or three.

They respond, and say they prefer another option. Some back-and-forth and three weeks later, you settled on a flight within budget, requested their passenger details and book flights.

You need to use a credit card to pay for flights. Then forward tickets to the speaker. And request an invoice from the travel agency.

Now do this for 20 travellers...

E-mail handling, waiting, searching and re-searching. That's close to two days of time wasted making travel happen.

At SpeakerTravel, we've been there. And we make this better.

  • As an organizer, you invite travellers and set a budget.
  • Travellers search their own preferred flight.
  • You approve. SpeakerTravel handles ticketing.
  • Travellers enjoy their flight, you can focus on your event.

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At SpeakerTravel, we strive to get you the best ticket prices. We help minimize the required budget, while at the same time maximizing travel options for your travellers, offering them a wide choice in airlines and routes.


45 EUR / traveller

+ flight fares

  • Ideal for events with up to 10 travellers
  • Broad choice in airlines and routes
  • Helps keep your T&E budget under control
  • E-mail & chat support
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650 EUR / event

+ flight fares

  • Work with up to 20 travellers
  • Broad choice in airlines and routes
  • Helps keep your T&E budget under control
  • E-mail & chat support
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for a tailored offer

  • Scoped to your requirements
  • Broad choice in airlines and routes
  • Helps keep your T&E budget under control
  • Priority e-mail & chat support
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All prices are excluding taxes that may apply (e.g. VAT, sales tax, etc.) - will be added to payments when applicable.

Save time booking flights for your event's travellers.

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