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Introducing Train Booking

All aboard! SpeakerTravel, your favorite platform for handling event speaker flight bookings, now offers train bookings as well.


Best Software Tools for Conference Organizers

At every stage of organizing a conference, there are tools to help you out. In this post, we'll look at the best software and services to help with conference planning, call for speakers, agenda building, travel, ticketing, and more.


Import Travellers and Automatically Approve Flights

There are two features that, when used together, make arranging travel for conference speakers even easier: importing travellers from Excel, CSV or Sessionize.com, and (optional) auto-approval of flights within budget. Combining them makes booking travel for speakers run on auto-pilot!


Do we need a travel policy for our conference?

Organizing a conference that assists with travel for their speakers usually means a good amount of the conference budget is spent on getting speakers there. Especially for community-run conferences with lower budget, this can be a burden. However, we believe that covering travel for speakers is important! And a travel policy is, too.


Hello, World! Hello, SpeakerTravel!

Hello, World! We are proud to announce SpeakerTravel - making travel for conference speakers easy. As a conference organizer, how much do you like arranging flights for speakers? We organize technical conferences ourselves, and it's not an unpleasant thing to do. There's the magic of getting people to the event you are organizing, by air. The downside, though, is the hassle of chasing replies, making flight proposals, checking whether they are within budget.


Save time booking flights and trains for your event's travellers.