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Import Travellers and Automatically Approve Flights

There are two features that, when used together, make arranging travel for conference speakers with SpeakerTravel even easier: importing travellers from Excel, CSV or Sessionize.com, and (optional) auto-approval of flights within budget. Combining them makes booking travel for speakers run on auto-pilot!

Importing Travellers from Excel, CSV or Sessionize.com

When using SpeakerTravel to arrange travel for conference speakers, you can invite travellers by entering their details directly. This is fine for smaller events, however larger conferences may want an easier way to invite multiple travellers at once.

Multiple travellers can be invited in one go, by importing them from an Excel (XLSX), CSV, or tab-delimited text file. And since many conferences use Sessionize.com for their Call for Papers, SpeakerTravel also supports importing their list of approved speakers.

Importing Travellers from Excel, CSV or Sessionize.com

What's important here, is setting the travel budget for each traveller. This can be done in the file you are importing, or by setting a default budget amount during import.

Completing the import wizard will invite all travellers in one go, sending them an invitation e-mail to start searching for flights.

Automatic Approval of Flights Within Budget

On our event's booking options, you can enable automatic flight booking approval for our event.

Automatic flight booking approval when within budget

By default, SpeakerTravel requires every flight booking request to be approved by the event owner. Enabling automatic approval will automatically book flights when the request is within budget. Manual approval is only needed when travellers that request a flight that is slightly over budget (within their budget overrun percentage).

In summary

Combining "bulk invitation" of travellers by importing them into SpeakerTravel with automatic approval for travel booking requests that are within budget, you can run your conference travel booking almost on auto-pilot!

When a travel budget is specified for our travellers, manual intervention will almost never be required.

Simplify your conference speaker flight booking.