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At SpeakerTravel, we strive to get you the best ticket prices. We help minimize the required budget, while at the same time maximizing travel options for your travellers, offering them a wide choice in airlines, rail operators, and routes.

10 travellers / 225 EUR

10 travellers / 475 USD

+ flight fares

  • Broad choice in airlines, rail operators, and routes
  • Helps keep your T&E budget under control
  • E-mail support for organizers

Multiple events?

Min. 3 events/year

20% discount on SpeakerTravel fees

  • Broad choice in airlines, rail operators, and routes
  • Helps keep your T&E budget under control
  • Priority e-mail support for organizers

All prices are excluding taxes that may apply (e.g. VAT, sales tax, etc.) - will be added to payments when applicable.

Pricing questions

Do pricing plans have different functionality?

There is no difference between pricing plans in terms of functionality. Our pricing plans exist to be able to provide you with a billing model that suits your scenario best.

Which payment options are there?

SpeakerTravel supports payment via SEPA debit, credit card, Bankcontact, Sofort banking, or bank transfer, depending on your preference.

Can I use my airline's frequent traveller credit card?

Absolutely! Pay by credit card and use your airline's frequent traveller credit card, such as the Miles & More American Express card, Delta SkyMiles American Express, and others. While we don't offer any additional mileage earnings, the credit card may earn you miles for purchases on SpeakerTravel.

What currencies can I use?

Right now, we support EUR and USD. If you require another currency, let us know.

Is any kind of pre-payment or deposit needed?

You can invite speakers and search travel without pre-payment or making a deposit. In order to make bookings, you'll need to top-up your event balance.

Reach out to us if you'd like to use a different billing approach, we're happy to discuss.

Are there any discounts available?

We provide a 25% discount on SpeakerTravel fees for community events where the attendance fee is lower than 50 EUR60 USD. Discount does not apply to flight and train fares. Contact us and we'll get you set up.

Can I get custom pricing?

Please reach out to us and we'll discuss.

Also check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

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