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Hello, World! Hello, SpeakerTravel!

Hello, World! We are proud to announce SpeakerTravel - making travel for conference speakers easy.

As a conference organizer, how much do you like arranging flights for speakers? We organize technical conferences ourselves, and it's not an unpleasant thing to do. There's the magic of getting people to the event you are organizing, by air. The downside, though, is the hassle of chasing replies, making flight proposals, checking whether they are within budget, and a lot of back-and-forth e-mails to settle on a flight that works.

As a conference speaker, do you enjoy working with conference travel agents? They usually try to arrange a flight that gets you there as cheap as possible. As conference speakers, we have been there. Three stopovers on an airline you never fly with and don't get miles for. Arriving at the conference, exhausted before it even starts.

We decided it has been enough! We are done with that communication overhead, and done with flying uncomfortable routes.

SpeakerTravel makes travel for conference speakers easy

Focused on conference organizers, SpeakerTravel provides a self-service flight booking system for your conference speakers.

You organize your event and invite speakers. Our booking system gets them there, within budget and without hassle.

Check how it works and see how you can make your job as a conference organizer easier, and make your speakers happier by allowing them to travel on their own terms.

Simplify your conference speaker flight booking.