SpeakerTravel Documentation

API access

You can integrate SpeakerTravel with your own software using our API. For example, a speaker administration system can integrate flight details from SpeakerTravel, or you can use the HTTP API to generate custom reports based on SpeakerTravel data.

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Get an access token

In order to be able to access the SpeakerTravel API, you will need to obtain an access token. Access tokens can be added and revoked from your profile page, under API & access tokens.

When you create an access token, you can give it a descriptive name (for example, the name of your integration), and optionally an expiration date.

The API access token can be used to authenticate and authorize with SpeakerTravel. Use it as a bearer token in your API requests.

API playground

The base URL of the SpeakerTravel API is https://app.speaker.travel/api/v1/.

If you want to generate an API client SDK, you may want to use our Swagger / OpenAPI v3 endpoint definition available at https://app.speaker.travel/swagger/v1/swagger.json.

Use the interactive API playground below to see the operation and data that are available.