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Each travel option has its own terminology. On this page, we provide an overview of common terminology and an explanation of what it means.

On this page:

What are bundled tickets?

A bundled ticket combines two or more separate tickets from different airlines. These combinations can be cheaper and provide better travel times.

Some bundled tickets might be from the same airline, but they still count as separate single tickets.

With a bundled ticket:

  • If your first flight is delayed and you miss the second flight, you will not be covered by the airline. As these are separate flight tickets, the airline will consider it as a missed flight — not a missed connection. So you would have to cover the cost of a new ticket if needed.
  • If you want to modify your flights, there may be a charge per ticket.

Bundled tickets are clearly marked in search results and on the booking approval page.

Note: Bundled tickets are not enabled by default for an event. As an event organizer, you can enable bundled tickets in the event budget options.

What is CFAR?

The "Cancel for any Reason" (CFAR) option lets you cancel a traveller's flight for any reason (subject to exclusions), up to 24h before departure of the first flight. With CFAR purchased at the time of booking, such cancellation will receive a partial refund of the cost of the flight (excluding any paid add-ons, such as baggage or seat selection).

CFAR is not insurance and is not intended to constitute an offer to insure, and does not take the place of any travel or cancellation insurance. When claiming a refund directly from the airline or under other insurance, CFAR no longer applies.

You can add CFAR to select bookings. When available for a booking, SpeakerTravel will show the Cancel for any Reason option when approving a traveller's booking request.