SpeakerTravel Documentation


You can configure the notifications you want to receive when updates are happening to your event in SpeakerTravel.

As an organizer or as a team member, you can configure which notifications you want to receive for your event. You may choose to receive notifications when a traveller accepts their invitation, when a booking requires approval, or when tickets are sent to the traveller.

E-mail notifications

Configure the e-mail notifications you will receive for this event. The following notifications can be (de)activated:

  • When a traveller accepts invitation
  • When a comment is added for traveller
  • When concierge offer is requested
  • When a booking request needs approval
  • When a traveller receives tickets
  • When event balance is below the configured threshold
  • When event balance is not sufficient for booking travel

Note: As an organizer, you can not deactivate the booking request approval notifications and event balance notifications.

Low balance threshold

When your event balance reaches this value or below, all event team members will receive a low balance e-mail. You should configure a threshold that will allow you to top up your balance on time.

Note the low balance threshold setting is only available if your event uses pre-paid billing.