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Book your Flights

As a traveller, you may have received an invitation to book travel for a conference. Great, and welcome! Let's walk you through.

After receiving an invitation e-mail from an event organizer, we can start booking travel!

Traveller invitation e-mail

On this page:

Step 1 - Search Flights

Following the link in the invitation e-mail, we can commence our journey by searching our ideal flights!

The event organizer may have already provided our departure airport and travel dates. After double-checking these, we can search for flights immediately.

Search results will contain available flights from various airlines, including full-service airlines and low-cost carriers. We can filter results by number of stops, airline and alliance, as well as departure flight duration and return flight duration. For every flight, we can inspect details too.

Search results for travel to an event or conference as a speaker

Next, we can Request our favorite flight, and fill out passenger details.

Step 2 - Passenger Details

As with any flight booking, we'll have to provide our passenger details. These will be sent to the airline upon booking flights, and data such as passport details, birth date and phone number are removed from SpeakerTravel when our flight is approved (or rejected).

Instead of having to supply frequent flyer details on check-in, we can also provide them here directly.

Enter passenger details to request flight booking

Once we enter our passenger details, we can Request flight approval.

Next Steps

After requesting flights, the event organizer will approve (or reject) our flights. When approved, we will receive an e-mail with flight tickets, our itinerary, and attached calendar items.

Traveller confirmation e-mail

All that's left is heading to the airport, board our flight, and enjoy the event we're traveling to!