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Invite Travellers

After creating an event, we can start inviting travellers so they can start searching flights. Let's see how we can do this.

To invite travellers, we can either enter their details one-by-one, or import a list from an Excel (XLSX), CSV, or tab-delimited text file. SpeakerTravel also supports importing travellers from Sessionize.com.

After entering our traveller's name and e-mail address, we can invite them to search for travel. There are some additional details we can specify to make their travel search easier, and to help us with budgeting.

We can set the traveller's nearest airport to the airport they will be flying from, if known. This will pre-populate their departure airport when they start their flight search, and fetches typical price ranges for economy, premium economy and business flight fares. The minimum, maximum and median price can help us set the budget for this traveller.

Each traveller can be assigned a budget, and an allowed maximum booking class. When the traveller starts searching their flights, search results will contain only flights that are within these constraints.

Optionally, up to 4 passengers can be allowed on a booking. For example, if a traveller's partner is also joining, this would allow the traveller to book their flight in one go.

Invite traveller

By default, the traveller will not see price information while searching flights. We are inviting them to our event, so as long as the flight is in budget, this should not matter. Optionally, we can show price info to a specific traveller (or to all travellers for our event), which may assist in making travellers more price aware.

Booking approval is manual by default, which means that event organizers always have to manually approve or reject a flight booking request from travellers. Optionally, we can auto-approve flights for a specific traveller (or all travellers for our event), as long as they are within budget.

Entering the traveller's name and e-mail address is sufficient to invite them to search for travel. However, the additional options can help in making their travel search easier, and to help our event's budget constraints.

Note: Each traveller will get an invitation e-mail to start researching their journey. E-mails can be customized by the organizer.

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