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Event Details

When creating, cloning or editing an event, you can specify several event details. Let's look at what they are.

When you are creating a new event, either by starting from scratch or by cloning an existing event, or editing an event, there are several options you can set.

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Event Details

The event details will be shown to your travellers, and helps them recognize the event. Event details are also used to pre-populate travel search.

At the minimum, you need to provide the:

  • event name;
  • event start and end date;
  • short description of the event.

You can also provide a location, and a link to the event website.

Edit event details

Travel Details

The following travel details are required for an event in SpeakerTravel:

  • Nearest airport;
  • Recommended arrival and departure date;
  • Earliest travel date and latest return date.

All of the travel details will be used to pre-populate searches your travellers will perform later on.