SpeakerTravel Documentation

Approve Booking Request

After a traveler searches for flights or trains and creates a booking request, the organizer has to approve or reject it. Let's see how this can be done.

Once a traveller requests their flights or train journey, the organizer will receive an approval request. You can review the selected flight(s), train(s), booking class, and price information.

When all looks good, you can approve the booking request. Doing so will book the selected trip, and sends ticket information to your traveller, including a full travel itinerary.

Note: Auto-approval of travel within budget can be configured at the event level, and for individual travellers. This further reduces the work required for event organizers to book travel.

Optionally, you can reject a booking request. You can provide a reason for rejecting the request, which will be included in the notification your traveller will receive. Once rejected, the traveller will be invited to make a new travel search.

Approve or reject travel booking request

SpeakerTravel provides an invoice for travel fares, so you can update your organization's administration.