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Get started with SpeakerTravel, a tool to assist conference organizers with searching & booking of flights for their speakers.

Hi there, welcome to SpeakerTravel! Let's see how we can create an event & start inviting travellers.

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Create an Event

Before we start, make sure to register and create an account. Next, we can start creating our event.

We'll have to name our event, set the start and end date, and provide a short description.

Create a new event on SpeakerTravel

Once our event is set up, we can start inviting travellers.

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Invite Travellers

To invite travellers, we can either enter their details one-by-one, or import a list from an Excel (XLSX), CSV, or tab-delimited text file.

After entering our traveller's name and e-mail address, we can invite them to search for travel. There are some additional details we can specify to make their travel search easier, and to help us with budgeting.

Invite traveller

Travellers will get an invitation e-mail to start researching their journey. E-mails can be customized by the organizer.

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Wait for the Traveller to Search Flights

After receiving their flight booking invitation, travellers can start searching for their flights. Departure and arrival airports and dates will be pre-populated if known.

The traveller will only see flight search results that are within budget, and can then request for this flight to be booked.

Traveller flight search results

After entering their passenger details, a notification will be sent to the organizer to verify the flight booking, and approve or reject.

Approve Booking Request

Once a traveller requests a flight, the organizer will receive an approval request. We can review the selected flight(s), booking class, and price information.

When all looks good, we can approve the flight booking. Doing so will book the selected flight, and sends ticket information to our traveller, including a full travel itinerary.

Approve or reject flight booking request

SpeakerTravel provides an invoice for flight fares, so you can update your organization's administration.

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